Where are we going?
In elementary school, many students were taught the acronym “Never Eat Soggy Waffles” to remember the cardinal directions north, south, east, and west. Today, all we have to is look at our smartphones and our devices will take us wherever we want to go.
Read Receipts: the Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood
Technology has had a huge impact on the social aspects of our everyday lives. In this post I will be discussing read receipts.
EdgeMakers Pedagogy
At EdgeMakers, we understand that the knowledge economy is shifting to a creative economy and that students need to prepare for industries, careers and political and economic models that do not yet exist.
Creativity & Innovation
In EdgeMaking, innovation is always the answer to a question, and innovation has to have a purpose
Storytelling and ChangeMaking
You want to make a change in the world. You have a great idea, but how do you share it with others? How do you make what you’ve planted.
The Edge of Design
At EdgeMakers, we believe that all young people are going to be designers. Designers of their lives or designers of strategies for the organizations with whom they’re involved.
Character and Collaboration
In the EdgeMakers CHARACTER and COLLABORATION course students fine tune these traits and learn how to work best in a team.
Entrepreneurship and Startups
An EdgeMaker in the Entrepreneurs and StartUps course is a “doer” who follows the lean start up model