Do Not Disturb...For a Week
Looking at the top left corner of my smartphone and seeing neither the wifi symbol nor “3G” initially seemed like a calamity
What Goes a Long Way
Maybe the first day it’d be nerve-wracking, then would come pure frustration. It’d probably drive me insane. But again, you never know what something’s truly like until you experience it.
Gender Violence - It Needs to be Stopped
It is estimated by the UN and other organizations, such as, that roughly one in three girls will experience violence in her lifetime.
Fantasy Beats Reality. Every Time.
We are currently right in the middle of the NFL season, but more importantly we are in the middle of the FANTASY football season.
Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Doesn’t Do Justice
As most people know by now, a certain social action went viral last summer – the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.
Siri, how do I fix this?
As we move into October, college freshman are preparing to head off to their respective universities and are packing up everything they will need to survive the school year.
The Rainbow Community in Japan
Feminism in the Life of a Teenager